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    Итоги 2020

    Итоги 2020 - все на удивление бодро и продуктивно

    Итоги 2019

    Итоги 2019, в этот раз по-русски

    How I got to Top 10 in Spacenet 4 Challenge

    My first serious DL competition

    Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

    Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

    Training your own MNASNET

    Or how we failed

    Speeding up word distance calculation 100x

    My plain approach to faster and more practical cosine distance calculation

    Solving class imbalance on Google open images

    Or potentially building a model cascade to alleviate severe class imbalance

    Playing with Crowd-AI mapping challenge - or how to improve your CNN performance with self-supervised techniques

    A small case for searching for internal structure within the data, weighting and training your CNNs properly

    Playing with Variational Auto Encoders - PCA vs. UMAP vs. VAE on FMNIST / MNIST

    TLDR - they are very cool - but useful only on very simple domains and datasets

    Playing with adversarial attacks on Machines Can See 2018 competition

    Or how I ended up in a team that won in the Machines Can See 2018 adversarial competition