Data exploration

Initial data exploration

    Одно увлекательное знакомство с 1,5 млн фотографий квартир - Часть 1 - Проверка копцепции

    Может закончиться хорошо или ничем - давайте узнаем.

    What did the bird say? Part 4 - Dataset choice, data download and pre-processing, visualization and analysis

    Or what we should do before feeding our data to CNN

    What did the bird say? Bird voice recognition. Part 3 - Listen to the birds

    And a bit more of taxonomic analysis

    What did the bird say? Part 1 - The beginning

    Did you hear the word of the bird? No seriously

    What did the bird say? Part 2 - Taxonomy in a relational database

    How to pivot hierarchy data to a flat table

    A long journey with 1.5m of flat photos - Part 1 - proof of concept

    It may end well, or it may end in nothing - let us see together