All these things will be lost like tears in rain.
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Nov 4, 19
Nov 4, 19
Feb 9, 17

Open STT 1.0 release

Finally we made it!

Navigating the Speech to Text Dark Forest

Do not fall prey to fallacies

Russian Open Speech To Text (STT/ASR) Dataset

4000 hours of STT data in Russian

Building end-to-end taxi hailing service automation

Almost, without STT for now

Complexity / generalization /computational cost in modern applied NLP for morphologically rich languages

Towards a new state of the art?

Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

Winning a CFT 2018 spelling correction competition

Building a task-agnostic seq2seq pipeline on a challenging domain

Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at

And some applied benchmarks of sentence embedding methods

Parsing Common Crawl in 4 plain scripts in python

(alas not 2) =)

Parsing Common Crawl in 2 plain scripts in python

So easy! Really!