All these things will be lost like tears in rain.
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Feb 7, 18
Feb 7, 18
Feb 9, 17

How we participated in SpaceNet three Road Detector challenge

And how we got into top 10 =)

My plain guide to efficiency

Or you should be lazy to be efficient

GAN paper list and review

My brief guide / notes I made when reading GAN papers

A first year retrospective on

Or what we achieved last year and a small summary for potential business clients

A few notes on social phenomena descriptions available in social networks (

Or the best features are not what you expect

Animal detection in the jungle - 1TB+ of data, 90%+ accuracy and 3rd place in the competition

Or what we have learned, how to win prizes in such competitions and some useful advice + some trivia

What nobody will tell you about what they do

A couple of real and funny cases from practice

Identify fish challenge - playing with object detection

Or working with large scale video datasets for beginners

Поиск работы не закрывая глаза на реальность

Или продолжение веселых приключений длиной в несколько кварталов

Трудовая иммиграция в сфере IT / интернета

Или советы от бывшего финансиста применительно к технической трудовой эмиграции