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    Apr 22, 18
    Apr 22, 18
    Mar 15, 16

    Playing with a simple SOCKS5 proxy server on Vultr and Ubuntu 16.04

    A step by step guide for users with no experience.

    Applying Deep Watershed Transform to Kaggle Data Science Bowl 2018 (dockerized solution)

    And why this competition was a lottery

    Playing with a simple SOCKS5 proxy server on Digital Ocean and Ubuntu 16

    A step by step explanation for non-technical users

    Playing with electricity - forecasting 5000 time series

    Applying random forests and deep encoder-decoder RNNs to time series prediction

    DS in the CIS 2018

    Или с чем вам придется столкнуться на практике, если вы ищете работу в СНГ

    How we participated in SpaceNet three Road Detector challenge

    And how we got into top 10 =)

    My plain guide to efficiency

    Or you should be lazy to be efficient

    Animal detection in the jungle - 1TB+ of data, 90%+ accuracy and 3rd place in the competition, Part 2

    Final solution description

    GAN paper list and review

    My brief guide / notes I made when reading GAN papers

    A first year retrospective on

    Or what we achieved last year and a small summary for potential business clients