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    Dec 27, 20
    Dec 27, 20
    Mar 15, 16

    Итоги 2020

    Итоги 2020 - все на удивление бодро и продуктивно

    Найм нового поколения сотрудников в ML стартап в условиях киберпанка

    Дизайним процесс и микро-сорев чтобы не подтекало

    Towards an ImageNet Moment for Speech-to-Text

    Could Speech-To-Text be next?

    Russian Text Normalization for STT and TTS

    Converting numbers, abbreviations and latin symbols to russian spoken form

    Итоги 2019

    Итоги 2019, в этот раз по-русски

    Open STT 1.0 release

    Finally we made it!

    How to get your own image classifier / region labelling model without annotation

    and deploy without GPUs

    Navigating the Speech to Text Dark Forest

    Do not fall prey to fallacies

    Russian Open Speech To Text (STT/ASR) Dataset

    4000 hours of STT data in Russian

    Building end-to-end taxi hailing service automation

    Almost, without STT for now