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    Mar 18, 19
    Mar 18, 19
    Mar 15, 16

    Building end-to-end taxi hailing service automation

    Almost, without STT for now

    How I got to Top 10 in Spacenet 4 Challenge

    My first serious DL competition

    Complexity / generalization /computational cost in modern applied NLP for morphologically rich languages

    Towards a new state of the art?

    Learning to rank search results without annotation

    Getting rid of undesirable results

    Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

    Spark in me - annual retrospective 2018

    Winning a CFT 2018 spelling correction competition

    Building a task-agnostic seq2seq pipeline on a challenging domain

    Building client routing / semantic search and clustering arbitrary external corpuses at

    And some applied benchmarks of sentence embedding methods

    Parsing Common Crawl in 4 plain scripts in python

    (alas not 2) =)

    Parsing Common Crawl in 2 plain scripts in python

    So easy! Really!

    Parsing Wikipedia in 4 simple commands for plain NLP corpus retrieval